Landscape Design

landscape design

We will take care of your lawn mowing, fertilizing, weed control, insect management, aeration and spring and fall cleanup needs. We also take care of any over seeding and repair issues. Let us handle your property management needs this spring and fall with our power rakes and leaf vacuums.

A properly trimmed and maintained lawn gives your yard a cleaner look. We will take care of the behind the scenes lawn care with a healthy fertilizer schedule and weed control plan. We use a 6 application turf care program throughout the season to ensure your lawn looks its best.

CJS Landscape provides landscape design in Green Bay, WI. Once you see what we have to offer in landscaping services, we know you’ll choose us again. We offer the best landscape maintenance and it's our goal to provide what you need. If you’re looking for bobcat work, go ahead and contact us today.