Lawn Installation

lawn installation

We are a full service Landscape Company that offers an extensive suite of landscape and hardscape services to meet your needs. We provide landscape maintenance such as trimming and pruning bushes, mulch updates, weed and leaf removal, edging, and seasonal color changes.

Our landscape services also include a landscape design program that allows us to create your perfect landscape area! From there we complete the landscape installation through installing lawns, plating trees and much more! If you are looking for a landscape, hardscape, or clean-up service, just give us a call.

If you're looking for lawn installation, CJS Landscape is the only name you can rely on. We provide property management in Green Bay, WI. When it comes to snow plowing, no one can approach our level of quality. With our landscape maintenance, we know you'll be more than happy with the results. If you have any questions about landscape design, don't hesitate to ask.